Hillary Clinton talks LEAKED FRAZZLEDRIP VIDEO from Weiner Laptop on Dark Web

“Image Credit: Hillary Clinton 2016”by NothingSpecial123 is licensed under CC0 1.0

So, it would seem that Hillary Clinton pays attention to the web chatter going on in our circles. She knows about Frazzledrip and other conspiracies circulating 4Chan and 8Chan over the past few months. Why would she choose to address this issue, out of everything? Guilty conscience?

It really makes you wonder what Hillary Clinton knows is coming for her. I see her reemergence and positioning for another Presidential run in 2020 against President Trump as another one of her insurance policies. If she can be a candidate again, she can claim that Trump is using his office to target her. It is a game of optics for these people. As long as the public isn’t fully aware of what they have done, they can continue to walk the streets.

I find the timing of all of this just really interesting and suspect. Why is Hillary Clinton ranting around to anyone who will listen that Jill Stein and Tulsi Gabbard are agents of Vladimir Putin.

I’ll be honest, I believe that the spat between Tulsi Gabbard and Hillary Clinton over the last few weeks has been just for show.

Regardless, the Democrat Party is in disarray and I just find it really strange that Hillary Clinton is out here addressing Frazzledrip and other “Deep Web Videos” that “appear and disappear”… what is about to break that she is so worried about?

Time will tell

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Let’s Talk About Jeffrey Epstein’s Arrest

As news broke of Jeffrey Epstein’s arrest in New York, I was smiling because I understood that there are a lot of people very worried right now. Let’s talk about Jeffrey Epstein’s arrest and some of the information surrounding the entire situation. What does QAnon have to say about this? https://www.facebook.com/orwellianchronicle https://orwellianchronicle.wordpress.com https://paypal.me/RamsesReyes

Adam “Piece of Schiff” Threatens Mueller With Subpoena

It was only a few short months ago that Democrats were cheering former Special Counsel Robert Mueller as a hero. They claimed that he would bring down President Trump and expose his vast connections to the Russian boogeyman Vladimir Putin.

As it turns out, the only thing Robert Mueller exposed was the convoluted web of lies and treason surrounding the entire Russian investigation. Since his departure and uneventful report, the Democrats have gone completely over the edge and are exhibiting severe Trump Derangement Syndrome.

Here is one of the conspirators, (D-CA) Rep. Adam Schiff, threatening Robert Mueller with a subpoena!

The truth is that conspirators like Adam Schiff are scrambling now that the blockade they had created around President Trump, named Robert Mueller, has failed. The Mueller Report was a complete dud, and now that the investigation isn’t there to create a cloud of doubt, they are fighting to retain whatever power they have left.

Former US Attorney For DC Confirms QAnon On Fox News

This is sweet vindication for every one of us that have been following the QAnon drops after almost 2 years of ridicule from Normies and Paid Shills sent out to discourage our movement.

Joe DiGenova just exposed the Deep State and laid out a timeline for when to expect some fireworks! This is HUGE! Joe DiGenova has a long track record in the justice department.